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to work this year with specific and targeted investments, while investing also in education, energy, research and infrastructure and keeping our commitment to america's seniors. our plan is fair, balanced, reasonable and responsible. it is pro-growth, pro-people, pro-america and approach favored by the majority in this country. i yield back the balance of my time. mr. horsford: thank you, congresswoman bass. and to focus on jobs and investing in our future, the fact that is pro-growth, pro-people and 70% of the american people support this type of approach is why the c.b.c. is offering this as an alternative to the house republican majority. and to speak further on the pro-growth needs of this budget, my representative -- my colleague, i should say in the new freshman class. it's been a delight to get to know her, the gentlelady from ohio, representative beatty. mrs. beatty: thank you so much. thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to discuss house budget committee chairman ryan's fiscal year 2014 budget and democratic alternatives that work. i first want to thank my colleague, mr. ho
to see better educated, but you understand that an effective member has to negotiate and has to compromise to come to some sort of final product. otherwise you will never get a final product. >> i agree with -- what is the biggest problem we face today that we are just stop gone? it is this fiscal crisis, the budget. families are looking at it and saying i have got to deal with this all the time, and you guys cannot deal with it. the biggest thing to me would be the leadership of congress to recognize that the budget aocess has to be utilized in way that gets this issue resolved, because if we go every three months with more in decision and 11th-hour -- making, thetizen frustration that people have to live their lives and cannot figure out the process, it will drive them nuts and treat the most negative phillies in the world. it is the responsibility of leadership to make this process work, and they have to act like leaders, like tom daschle did and some of the other folks. >> changing the rules might take the incentive structure, but ultimately is about the men and women who
in education reform. the've taken me around globe. i have seen firsthand the expose of economic growth in places like china, singapore, and brazil. in some of their cities on any given day, you can see dozens skyscrapers. when i return home, the mood is different. different, and worse. americans have the sense that our recovery is fragile. the greatest prosperity in a century will be enjoyed by other people in other lands, and not by our own children. tonight, i am here to tell you that this conclusion is 100% wrong. we potentially find ourselves at the threshold of our nations greatest century. we can, as reagan did, restore the great confidence of american progress and growth and optimism. tonight, as surely as you sit here, the fundamental are aligning in a way. it is there for the taking if we have the courage to grab it. and push the only problem that divide us today. consider the facts. take energy, with our new drilling technology, america will soon have an energy surplus. this is trillions of dollars in new wealth for americans. trillions of dollars. oreign-policy not overly in
grandson, henry adams, remembered louisa catherine fondly. in his works, the education of the adams, he described louisa catherine and her role in this house and relationship with the family. he felt that she was the odd man out, because she was born in england and educated in france. she remained a foreign personality to many of the adams's. he recollects her sitting in her paneled room, using her silver tea pot that that she brought with her from her home in england to the old house. she would entertain both herself and many guest in this room. john quincy adams and louisa would inherit this home from john adams. i thought about selling it, but then decided that it was important to the family story to hold onto the house for future generations. >> you can visit there today. >> yes. >> wonderful. where the papers? >> they are at the massachusetts historical society in boston. they used to be at the old house would distill my very, but they were transferred to the historical society for safekeeping. >> a question on facebook from genie webber. i have read excerpts from her autobiography
and opportunity. we want families that are strong, children that are well educated. we want to lift people up from poverty, to put the american dream in reached for everybody. our party cannot hire our way forward. it must inspire our way forward. we will do a better job of connecting with people to our principles, showing how we can help every american climbed the economic ladder. knowing parents want the best for their children we will champion school choice and solutions to lowering the cost of health care. instead of arithmetic our focus should be on what helps families thrive. we don't want to fix the debt because a balanced budget looks nice, we want to do it because it will keep money in people's pockets and create more jobs for those who have lost hope. the report minces no words in telling us that we have to be more inclusive. i agree. our 80 percent friend is not our 20 percent enemy. we can be true to our principles without being disrespectful of those who don't agree with a hundred percent of them. finding common ground with voters will be a top priority. so first, we're going to learn
assistance with basic services including education for syrian children so far from on, whose lives have been up in did. as parents, we can only imagine how heartbreaking that must be for any parent, to see their children having to go through those kinds of tumult they are experiencing. as our partnership improves, the lives of not only the jordanian people, but people across the region. your majesty, i want to express my great appreciation for our partnership. thent to thank you and jordanian people for the hospitality you have shown me, and for my fellow americans. this is my last visit. tom looking forward tomorrow, weather permitting, seeing one of the greats waters of history, that the world can experience thanks to jordan and its people. thank you. >> yes? >> thank you, your majesty. i want to ask you -- how are you going to keep the borders open for the syrian regime? anything could happen at any time. thet the electricity or water? you might find 1000 refugees. that is what you spoke about, your majesty. i want to thank you again, and i just want to know -- you are the leading superpo
afghanistan, it was the enthusiasm of this new generation of afghans for their education. they saw that it wasn't just the key to employment, they saw it was a key to the future of afghanistan. i thought that was very positive and ferry much an indicator of the sense of this new generation of afghans who see the future of afghanistan very much about afghanistan and or tribal ethnicity orientation. to that extent i did spend time with the schools. one of the schools in particular i spent a lot of time with in kabul. which thechool in youngsters -- unsponsored them with scholarships. these youngsters saw their future tied to their own professions. she wanted to be a doctor, he wanted to be a lawyer, she wanted to be an engineer. they saw their future as tied to afghanistan and not to a job and not to necessarily their tribe or ethnicity. i think where we have come from in the middle of 2011 to where we are today in so many ways with development of the ansf and the capacity to operate in the field, this has been a real benefit to afghanistan as a state in afghanistan as a people. was
. it is an education process. we discover as we go along that first of all, there's not one person in this audience are everywhere that doesn't have a gay person in their family or a gay friend or gay persons they work within their workplace. nobody, nobody. the normalizing of things, being able to teach, being able to show people that everybody is equal, that nobody is different, if they are doing their job, they should not be thought of as different. that is one of the reasons we took on prop. 8 and one reason we did a dramatization of what went on inside the courtroom here in san francisco at the district trial. we put that on because we wanted to show people what actually went on in that court room, and to normalize it. we find that as we move along, the wind is at our back. it's like we are hitting critical mass. you see more and more states adopting it. great britain, you are seeing more countries. it will happen. it is supposed to happen. i have said this many, many times, that we cannot imagine that there was a time that women could not vote. we cannot imagine that there was a time when bla
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)